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Dog's heroics will make you cry! Donate at

"Pip" animated short film presented by Southeastern
Guide Dogs -- A heartwarming tale for underdogs
everywhere, Pip is the story of a small dog with a big
dream-to become a Southeastern Guide Dog. Does
she have what it takes?
Film made possible by Gary and Melody Johnson.

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How much of this math do you know?

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Hex Limit is a three minute hybrid action short film about a biker faun, an elf witch, and a goblin competing for the title of champion in a broom race across a magical city.

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This movie " Piper " has won the Oscar for the best animated movie. It's duration is only 3 min but director took 3 years to develop. See how life can change when our perspective changes. An outstanding movie!

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The film tells the story of a boy who rather spends his time indoors playing videogames instead of discovering what’s waiting outside. One day his Mum decides to get a little surprise for her son, which makes it hard for him to concentrate on his video game any longer.

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This film is a short documentary about the West Country Hawks, a wheelchair rugby side looking to progress into the national league and compete at the highest levels. It portrays the story of the team and their ambition to succeed in the sport.

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Let’s Eat is a 8 minute animated short film that centers on the relationship between a mother and daughter in a Chinese-American immigrant family. Let’s Eat strives to be a universal story told through a distinctly Asian-American voice.

As a single parent in an unfamiliar country, Ma’s entire life centers around raising Luan, her rambunctious young daughter. Likewise, Luan spends her childhood indulging in endless quality time with her playful, loving mother. However, as Luan grows up, it isn’t long before daily life interferes and causes mother and daughter to grow apart. By channeling their feelings into cooking, the two strive to find their way back to each other, one homemade meal at a time.

Ma and Luan’s tale touches upon mother-daughter relationships, the American immigrant experience, and the unspoken translation of love into food - familiar themes reflected through a fresh perspective often overlooked in mainstream media. We at Anamon Studios aim to share in our similarities as much as we celebrate our differences, and to this end we hope that Let’s Eat will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and experiences.

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☔️⚡️ Inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph's story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow Umbrella.
2021 Oscar® Qualified Animated Short Film - Created and Produced in Brazil 🇧🇷

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Watch the full-length film, WiNDUP, Unity's newest animated short. WiNDUP highlights the fragile nature of life, love, and what it means to never give up.

This film is created in real-time 3D in out-of-the-box Unity 2019.2. WiNDUP was created on standard computers by setting strict rules about poly-count and what features they could afford to use. Examples including using pixel displacement instead of tessellation shader; using joints animation instead of animation caches.

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With the worsening of his illness, a man needs to move to his daughter's house, where his grandson reinterprets old photographs in drawings, helping him to recover lost memories.

With the aggravation of his illness, an old man moves to his daughter’s house, where his grandson delle reinterprets old photographs into drawings, helping him to regain lost memories.

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